Bluegeekhosting Review - Why to choose bluegeek as your web hosting

Bluegeekhosting Review – Why to choose bluegeek as your web hosting

Are there any first thoughts that come to mind when you think about hosting? Perhaps they are inexpensive? Does your website look flashy? Might you even be offered free stuff for signing up? As I mentioned earlier, this is more of a general article about what hosting, in general, is all about. Know Why to choose bluegeek as your web hosting.

Bluegeekhosting Review – Why to choose bluegeek as your web hosting

High availability 

A hosting company’s uptime is the time they guarantee their servers will be online. A few companies claim to ensure 100 percent uptime, which is a little excessive. In my experience, I tend to choose the vendors who claim 99,99% uptime. The statement below states that while our servers usually are up and running 24 hours a day, they might be temporarily unavailable if aliens attacked our servers. I’m OK with that.

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Nice Website

How important is that? The answer is no. However, I would be reluctant to purchase IT services from a company with a website that has a 1994-style web design, so it needs to be a more modern site.

Customer service 

When it comes to hosting, I am very concerned with support. My hosting company’s responsibility is to be a techie because I am not. If possible, I would also like to be able to contact them promptly and all the time. It is sometimes possible to speak with someone online, which is very convenient, and I use it frequently. If you are looking for the best hosting companies, you should always keep this on your checklist.

Free Resources 

What is the point of free stuff? There is not much relationship between it and the quality of the service offered by this company. However, it can give us some information about what this company provides. How would you feel if you were offered free advertising on a major search engine in exchange for $50? Suppose two companies offer a similar hosting service at the same price, but one gives $50 of advertising for free. If you had to choose one, which would you choose? You might want to think about it.


I don’t see why we should pollute this round globe-thing more than we already do. In my opinion, a little “green thinking” on the part of a hosting company wouldn’t hurt. I wouldn’t want to deal with this.

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