Eastvale is a city located in Northwestern Riverside  country, California  it is a great and peaceful city with a lot of very nice homes and great areas. Every house does look the same sort of. It has a diverse and ethnic culture. 

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Eastvale is a classic suburban city in the inland empire that has affordable housing to  million dollars homes. Homecoming at Eastvale offers resort style living within a gated neighbourhood. 

According to Municipal  code section 120 , 05 , 080 (e) states that no commercial vehicles or any part thereof shall be parked on a public street, sideware, right of way or private driveway. 

No recreational vehicle shall be parked in any front yard area because of these rigid parking rules and procedures there are vivid opportunities available for a unique career plan that is working as a parking  attendants. 

Duties of a parking attendant involves:

  • Managing parking and traffic control in the assigned area.
  • Ensuring operation of all vehicles efficiently, provide tags and maintain log sheets. 
  • Manage all communication with visitors and warn them who violated the rules. 
  • Control traffic , manage and resolve customers’ quarries. 
  • Evaluate parking to ensure optimal utilization of  assigned area. 

In this way they play an important role to evaluate functionality and  reliability of the facility system by conferring with the operation  department and help in identifying  problems and requirements.  They providing positive first impression for the guest of various fine dining restaurant and various Elite events 

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According to the Bureau of labor statistics parking attendants jobs are expected to grow within a growth far from average at 4%. Eastvale city is not too large that’s why governing bodies there strive  to manage all the things with sheer maintenance so that it does not create any disturbance in the living of the people.

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