LMK services - What is LMK? How to apply and use online?

LMK services – What is LMK? How to apply and use online?

Lok Mitra Kendra in Himachal Pradesh is the single window points for delivery of public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education, and agriculture services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. This is the all India network serving our diverse of the country. Great initiative by the government to allow and offer access to the various government schemes and services every citizen of India. There are list of LMK services given by the Himachal Pradesh government.

LMK services - What is LMK? How to apply and use online?

Main Objective of the LMK services.

The project envisages various direct/indirect social as well as economic benefits to the rural masses:

  • Better dissemination of government information at the remotest corner, resulting in better.
  • Awareness among rural masses about various Govt. Schemes and bringing in transparency. Saving in time & cost of people visiting District headquarters time and again for getting information, lodging complaints & inquiring about their status, etc.
  • Reduction in response time by the concerned departments and increase in their accountability to people of the State.
  • Virtual Extension Counters for the Government, by way of using these Centres for getting the departmental Data entered and transmitted from time to time.
  • A platform for the people to interact with each other on areas of mutual interests e.g. matrimonial, sales/purchases, etc.
  • Additional income opportunities from Citizen Information Centres by using them for General Training, Word Processing, and Data Entry Jobs, and extending Internet Access. ยท Employment generation by opening up of Citizen Information Centres throughout the State in the private sector.
  • Facilitating the growth of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the State.

Presently 3701 Lok mitra Kendras have been established in Himachal Pradesh for providing G2C services such as Electricity Bill Collections, Jamabandi, and several services.

Apply For SAMAGRA ID and download online

Concepts Of LMK (Lok Mitra Kendra) or What is LMK?

The Common Service Centre (CSC) scheme popularly known as the Lokmitra Kendra project in Himachal Pradesh aims to establish 3366 E-Governance centers at the Panchayat level in the state. The scheme, as approved by the Government of India, envisions CSCS as the front end delivery points for Government, private and social sector services to rural citizens of India, in an integrated manner.

The centers are being established under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode thus leveraging the support of various stakeholders such as State Governments, local bodies, opinion makers, and agencies/ institutions involved or having interest, commercial or otherwise, in rural areas/ markets.

List of LMK Services given by the HP Government.

  • Employment exchange services (Job Portal)
  • Land Records (Unauthenticated copy)
  • Electoral services
  • Public Grievances (Lokvani / Lokmitra mode)
  • HRTC/Railway Booking
  • Registration for pension schemes
  • Availability of all Government forms
  • All information related services hosted through web eg. Blood donors, Hotel directory, RTI
  • E-Kalyan scheme (for disbursal of pensions once banking services penetrate down to the level of Panchayats)
  • Issuance of Himachali Domicile, Caste and Agriculturist Certificates based on web-based data
  • Examinations results
  • AGRISNET Portal services
  • Complaint / FIR registration with Police.

All the above features services are given under the LMK (Lok Mitra Kendra). you can avail of the above-listed services through the internet by visiting the official website. Click Here

How to Apply for the LMK Services online?

  1. Go to the official website of LMK. Click Here
  2. You will see the blue line appearing on the home page click on that line.
  3. You will see the blue menu with the five option Application, Family, Current Account/wallet, checklist, and Documents.
  4. Fill all the steps with the proper details and click on submit.
  5. You applied for the perticular services sucssesfully.

Contact details for the LMK department

If you have any quaries left you can directly ask to the LMK department. Kindly call between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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