Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number

Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number 2020.

To Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number, we have to understand about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the Application that is most used in this period. Since its dispatch in 2009, WhatsApp has become the most mainstream text and voice informing application on the World. Represent considerable authority in cross-stage informing, WhatsApp is free assistance that lets user associate flawlessly among mobile and desktop area of the device.

WhatsApp is known for its improved protection highlights, for example, end to end encryption, and its safe, online international call. WhatsApp has an essential interface that shows your content air pocket talks and timestamps and tells you when your beneficiary has perused your message.

So we have different techniques to Send WhatsApp message without saving Number.

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Send Messages using WhatsApp joins

WhatsApp gives an official method to get in reach with unsaved phone numbers, but not inside the application. You can begin a talk with any number by setting off to the https:/ number web address. Supplant the last part with the full number, nation code, however with no +, (), 00 or +.

How to use step to step guide?

  1. Navigate and open the program on your phone. Use Google Chrome as it is anything but difficult to utilize and is accessible on each device.
  2. Type the connection in the wake of opening another tab: Supplant the X with the phone number with the nation code included. Try not to include any prefix like (), +, or 0. For example – 919874561230\.
  3. You can add text to the message by altering the connection by where X is a full phone number in the universal arrangement and URL-encoded text is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.
  4. Once the connection has stacked, the program will show a message brief on the screen. Tap on the Message Button and sit tight for it to divert to the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  5. After the redirection, you are acceptable to message the number on WhatsApp.
Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number

Presently you can without much of a stretch send any message to an individual, append records, send pictures or recordings, and you don’t need to add any superfluous numbers to your contact list. It will spare you from having your contact list all jumbled up, which can be truly disappointing, especially in case you’re in a surge.

Text Selection Method of Sending WhatsApp Messages

We’re most likely going to investigate the best and simplest approach to convey WhatsApp messages. Tragically, this methodology doesn’t appear to fit on all Android devices. This takes a shot at both Android 9 Pie and Q, however just on stock Device (Pixels and Android One). It doesn’t chip away at Huawei, Samsung, and OnePlus phones, yet not the WhatsApp one. Ideally, the combination will advance toward non-stock Android gadgets later.

How to Use Text Selection Method?

  1. Open the Phone Dialler utilization of your Android Device.
  2. Type the whole phone number in the dialler area. Including nation code and prefixes are discretionary.
  3. Select the whole phone number by utilizing the selector apparatus. You will at that point be furnished with decisions, for example, calling, cutting, duplicating, gluing, and three vertical specks to additionally broaden the menu.
  4. Tap and pick Message close to the WhatsApp logo. This is it. You will presently be taken to the WhatsApp compose message page with the sender number previously entered.

Send Messages Using outsider Applications:

In the event that the above methodology appears to be somewhat confounded or drowsy to you. You can utilize the application to speed things up. A few Android applications utilize these associations, yet such that you don’t need to enter a URL or move an internet browser first. Just enter your phone number, tap a catch and you’re taken to a recently made WhatsApp discussion.

For this strategy, we will utilize Click to Chat. It is perhaps the lightest ha, no promotions, and requires no authorizations. Direct Message for WhatsApp and Easy Message is several other acceptable options without promotions and with little authorization.

  1. Download the application from the Google Play store.
  2. Tap on the application to open it.
  3. Enter the nation code and afterward enter the 10 digits portable number. Once more, try not to append any +,-, (), or 00 in the prefix segment. After that Tap on the catch that resembles a Downward Arrow.
  4. Enter your initial message in the crate that has text input. At that point press open. You will just need to send the message by tapping the send button.

Presently you can send a WhatsApp message to a number without adding it to your contact rundown or address book. The main disadvantage is the protection concern since we are utilizing an outsider application.


These are a couple of ways that can be used to Send WhatsApp message without saving number. Such workarounds are useful when you have momentary discussions with individuals you don’t have a clue.

WhatsApp may have supplanted customary content informing, yet there were not many messaging benefits that you would neglect when utilizing WhatsApp which can be fixed by these applications.

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