Why is link building important?

Why is link building important?

You have likely learned that link building is very important if you blog or engage in any form of internet marketing. The type of links you create must be the right type of links. Otherwise, you may do more harm than good to your site. Here’s Why is link building important?.

Why is link building important?
Why is link building important?

Why should you build links?

Backlinks are created by creating links to other sites for SEO purposes. Creating links between your site and other sites and pointing them to yours is referred to as building a link strategy by link building services in London. Backlinks can be added to directories and forums and embedded into other websites or blogs. 

What are the benefits of link building?

The importance of a linking strategy can be summed up in two reasons:

  • Linking to a site containing content that interests people is how people find things on the web. Due to this, your site’s links must be salted all over the web, so people have a greater chance of finding it. You want your link to appear in search engine results, so it should appear there. More than 80% of all website traffic results from a previous search on a search engine or an archive search.
  • Link building is key to increasing your search engine rankings. According to Google, the number of sites linking to a given website indicates its importance. A page’s importance is determined by the number of links pointing to it.

Do you know what algorithms are?

A program set of instructions that performs a specific task. Each site is weighed against parameters set by Google’s search engine bots as they continuously crawl the web for keywords. Google utilizes two algorithms to determine where an individual site should appear in search results. The Panda algorithm and Penguin algorithm are the two algorithms used.

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Develop a strategy for linking

The definition of link building goes beyond simply creating links to your website from anywhere on the web. Optimizing where your site’s link appears is essential for attracting quality click-through traffic and earning organic search engine traffic.

Link types to consider when creating links

Your link-building strategy should only consider 4 kinds of links. Here they are:

  • Internal – Links were leading to pages that are part of your website.
  • Organic – Search results that point to your site and click on it.
  • Incoming – A link that points to your site appears on another website.
  • Outbound – A link within your site that points elsewhere.

Why do you need a link-building strategy?

A link-building strategy is essential, or you will waste your time and money by paying for links. It can result in a Penguin penalty since you can build quality links based on quantity.

Link building strategies build targeted incoming traffic by establishing high-quality links. A website becomes more visible with incoming links. A quality, targeted backlink is also considered a vote by a search engine bot. Thus, it adds credibility to your site. Links placed within appropriate content about a product or service can also increase sales.


In my own opinion, I don’t make backlinks my primary concern for SEO purposes. Rather than create backlinks to increase my search engine rankings, I focus on creating backlinks that will get the most attention from readers of my blogs or users of my online goods and services. 

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